We have a large federated eDir tree, of which I am one of the central admins. We are getting ready to put OES2 into our production tree, but in my testing I have found that when you install OES2 the installation procedure does not check to see if that server name is already being used in the tree. Netware 6.5 SP7 still does, but OES2 Linux does not. So, if you have an existing server named bob, and you are installing an OES2 box named bob.mycompany.com and are putting it into a different context from where the existing bob is located, the new OES2 server gets installed without complaining. I was wondering if this might be on someone's radar to get that sort of check put into OES2's install procedure, or if there is some reason why it is no longer necessary. The problem it is going to cause us is when departmental admins want to access their servers by their server name and not the fully contextual name, they will never know if they are getting their server or someone else's. Any thoughts / suggestions? Thanks.