Running iFolder 3.6 on OES 2 SP 1. Tons of questions as I'm just
starting to experiment with this.

I was reading through the documentation about Recovery Agent. The most
confusing stuff EVER! Okay, so from the gist of it, I understand that
the recovery agent uses certificates to do what it needs to do. So I got
a certificate generated and placed in the path I told iFolder. On my
client, I am able to pick my CA as the Recovery Agent and create my
passphrase. Great.

So I read through the documentation about recovering a passphrase. It
says something about exporting the key to running a KeyRecovery.exe to
importing...oh man.

First question...when exporting the key, what extension should you give it?

Okay, so let's say we get pass that, the user then goes to run
KeyRecovery.exe and it asks for the encrypted key file path. What's
that? The one on the server? Or the one we just exported? I figure the
one we just exported would be the Decrypted Key file path....right? It
then also asks for a Private Key and a Private Key password. Where are

And then another thing...with encryption enabled, I see the same effect
that several posts has mention. I am unable to right-click on a folder
and choose to convert it to an iFolder. Get the error message that I
must be logged into the domain even though I already am and there is
only one. I can, however, go into the iFolder client and add a folder
that way. But another thing I've noticed with having encryption turned
on is I'm no longer able to share my iFolder with others. When I go into
sharing, either through the client or by right-clicking, the "Add"
button is grayed out. Anybody else having this problem as well? Another
bug? o_O