We have an issue that we would like to confirm is eDirectory related.

Our current environment is based on eDir 8.7.x and we walked the tree for our staff members with a context set below where they were located in the tree. The reason for this was student based and the context was set correctly for them at the building. Staff was always located above the Student and would walk up tree and login. Our current environment consisted of Netware 6.0 and 6.5 with no Linux servers

Our new environment is based on eDir 8.8.x with OES2 Linux servers. We are attempting to set up the new environment with the same idea as above. Novell Client version 4.91 will not walk the tree in this environment, so we are now forced to use LDAP contextless login. We would prefer not to have to use LDAP if possible. SLP is setup within the client but all other option (as of now) are the default.

The issue we have with contextless login is that when a student tries to login with a generic login name student (that exists in multiple OUs) we get a selection box. Its not very likely that young students are going to pick the correct user and we use that user and context for serving applications, etc.

Any insight would be appreciated