When I try to install into a VM I get what appears to be a normal SLES10 SP1 install. I don't get the screen for the three product keys and I don't get the logon screen that directs me to continue the install from my browser like I do when I install on a real machine.

I downloaded NOWS-SBE-2-DVD-i386-DVD1.iso and tried the install from the DVD and from the ISO image; I tried a paravirtual and a fully virtual VM; I updated the hyperviser and Dom0 to SP2; - it made no difference. The hyperviser and Dom0 are 64-bit but DomU is 32-bit. I understand this is a supported comfiguration.

I'm wondering what might cause this and how to avoid it. Assuming I have the base SLES10 SP1 installed in the VM and have the mounted the DVD ISO image as a virtual CD drive, is there some way I can continue the install from this point?

Intel S5000XVNSATR
Intel Xeon E5420 2.5 GHz Quad (Qty 2)
ST3250620NS (Qty 2) sw RAID 1 (Swap, /)