I'm sitting here waiting for software to uninstall and then reinstall.
So I'm bored and here are some thoughts derived from boredom.

Microsoft should sell Windows in two flavors. One version for the
desktop and one for the server. That's it. Better yet. Don't even
sell Windows at all. Give it away and charge for update services.

Microsoft should look at how Linux manages to add fancy smancy graphics
to the desktop without require huge system resources. (Of course I
still think most OS's and applications could use a diet.)

Microsoft should support ODF and work toward making it a great format
instead of muddying up the waters with that **** they are pushing.

Apple should allow the MacOS to be put on any compatible system. They
don't have to support it, but they shouldn't restrict it.

Apple should have never made a deal with AT&T over the iPhone.

Corel should sell WordPerfect to a company that cares to see it become
dominate once again. That company should work for true unicode support
and multiplatform support. I would venture to say create an open source

OpenOffice should have copied WordPerfect. That's just my opinion, but
that's what I think they should have done.

Symantec should die a slow painful death. (I just uninstalled it from my
Windows server and now it looks as though I'm going to spend the next
several hours fixing the frigging mess it made.)

Adobe should be all about Linux (and debloating their software).

Symantec really hoovers.

Well, now I've got something to do. Thanks Symantec. You suck.
Matthew - The Great System Tyrant