I am going through trying to install an OES2 sles10sp1 install into and existing tree. I am now in day 6 of trying this and have run into an issue that has brought me to a screeching halt for three days now. Everything on the side screen for installation progress is checked up to "SERVICE" and I now have the arrow pointing at "OES configuration". In the "Perform eDirectory Configuration" checklist box, everything is checked down to the arrow that is pointing to ""Configure and start eDirectory using 'ndsconfig'" When going through this, I get an error that says "Error ndsconfig failed to configure and start edirectory".

I have read some posts about dstrace and such, but I do not know how to get ot any of these on this new server. I do not know where to even start. When I click OK, I come to a screen that says "Retry edirectory configuration" which is all I have been doing, but I get nowhere. I try OPTION 1. The name of my tree is correct and it has "use edirectory tree for HTTPS certificates checked. (Although I have tried unchecking it). I then try every administrator username and password and every server IP address that I have to check. I have 7 existing servers and have tried changing users to correspond to the correct servers ip address. I am quite confident the FDN is correct because when it is wrong, I get an immediate response the the FDN is wrong. When I enter and correct username and password I always get back "Credentials failed"

User Credentials failed to validate using:
user cn=admin.ou=ouschool.o=tree
LDAP port 636.

SO I figure it may be an LDAP issue so I go to server with ConsoleOne (this is NW 6.0sp5), and check the properties of the LDAP server. It shows under general:
Host Server servername.context
LDAP group - servername.context
TCP port 389

I then look at SSL/TLS configuration:
TSL (SSL) Port 636
Server certificate SSL CertificateIP
CLient Certificate Not requested

I then try to browse for somethign to put in for Trusted Root Containers, but can get nothing to show as an acceptable option.

So my questions are:

1. AM I even in the right ballpark on trying to figure this out?
2. Is there something else I need to look at?
3. Is there any other information I should provide?

One other thing, 6 of the existing servers are netware 6 sp5, one is OES1Sles9. Servers are synchronised on time.

Thanks, David