I would put this in the Cert area - but there's no general group there, and a wide feedback base is desired....

Novell is rolling out all these new certs - I'm so happy. It shows Novell is back in the game and "on the hunt" for being the leader again.

Entry certs and mid-level certs are great, but the top end is where it should be really interesting.
So I was thinking.... NCE, CLE, NCE..... what's in common here?
The "E" is. Similar to what Cisco has done with their "XXIE" - the IE is what's special and makes people go "OOOOO, AAAAAA".
As a matter of fact - they tout that there's only 12k "IE" stackers worldwide - making them that much more rare and marketable.

With Master CNE gone - the one title which sounded really, really good, no title has taken it's place.

So what about 3E?
My goal is CNE, CLE, NCE = 3E (two could be 2E/Double E).
This would shorten the never ending string of letters after a name, and just sound cool.
I just think something extra for stacked E level certs would be a very welcome, and a boost to multi cert holders.

What do you think?

Can you think of a better name?