Hi, i am very confused where by i am using toolbox ver 1.09.04

I have setup a batch file using cron scheduled to copy a access database from Folder1 to Folder2 daily.

But everyday the access database file dissapears but the copied one is in folder2.
Where has the original gone?????????
I click on salvage on the folder newsfl~1 and it appears that it is deleted by supervisor who is the authenticated user to carry out this batch file copy.
So everyday im having to salvage the original file, this is getting very frustrating.
I have not used the switch /MS

This is the command which i hav setup - it copies the file but then later removes the original:

cp vol1:/newsfl~1/WFDATA~1.mdb test-srv/vol:1/ftpnew~1/wf_data.mdb

I am not using any switch to do a move ONLY copy.

All i want is for it to copy the file from one folder to the other at a scheduled time in the evening.

Can anyone assist.