I have been having a problem with SLP and I broke down and called the
Novell support line and coughed up the $750. I have been sadly
disappointed in the level of support I have received and I am at the
point of asking for my money back. I have called and talked with India,
they have even remoted into my site and assessed the problem. I have
sent them numerous documents. The response is always they will have to
get back to me or they will send me the information. Then I either get
nothing, or a 700 page pdf file, nothing specific, or they call me back
and it is if we are starting all over again and I have to explain the
whole situation all over again. It is if they do not even read any of
my email or information I send them. Just getting what I think of as a
yes or no straight forward question becomes an exercise in frustration.
I have always had a good experience on the forums. I don't have a
question I am just venting that it is going on a month now and I am no
closer to fixing my problem then when I opened the case. UGGG