I am having an issue when I go to create a new image from a brand new workstation using the ZCM boot CD (the computer is an HP DC7800). I boot to the CD, select Manual, enter the IP address of my ZCM server and enter "img' at the command prompt. After this, I go into Make and Image and then enter the name of my .zmg file, then hit next. This is when I get the above error. I have even entered a full path to my ZCM server and I still get the same error.

Now, I know the preboot services are running because I can get PXE to work and even get to the menu screen from the same computer using PXE. The problem is, I do not have an image on this server yet, so I can't pull anything down. The configuration files for preboot services are also configured with the correct IP information. I can even ping the server from this computer.

Any suggestions on how I an resolve this problem are greatly appreciated. Thanks.