We are looking to move from MS PXE / Ghost imaging to Zen.
Currently, booting to PXE would invoke the MS PXE server login prompt, where specific users are allowed to continue if they have rights. They can then get access to the ghost server and start imaging.

Can we do similar with Zen PXE?
We are in an educational environment, and if a student can PXE boot and start an image in a classroom which has many many add images, he can essentially ruin the entire class time. Students are always looking for ways to get out of an exam/test situation :)

Accountability is great too.
Instead of having only one account (let's say "image") with a password that everyone uses, I would rather have actual user accounts so that we know who imaged what, and this also means that the passwords for these users are less likely to be found out (passed around) as they would compromise their normal logins.