We are upgrading from SBS 5.1 to NOWS. I am having an issue with the Groupwise upgrade though.

Right now, the 5.1 and NOWS server are in the same tree. I upgraded Groupwise on the 5.1. Used DBCopy to migrate Groupwise to the NOWS server. Installed/configured the domain and po agents without an issue.

When going though the configuration of GWIA, I keep getting the following error after entering the LDAP authentication screen...

an attempt to add an object to the directory failed (ad2b)

The GWIA configuration will go no further. In Console One, an object gets created. When I goto the properties of the newly created object, it only has basic object properties. None of the GWIA properties are available.

I have removed and reinstalled the all of the Groupwise components numerous times without any improvment. Does any have any suggestions?