Gentlemen, before beginning to write them I want to apologize for English, since not you, however use a translator helps me to write and this way to go to you

The scenario is the following one:

I am installing OES2 SuSe it has more than enough 10SP1.
The platform of Netware is the following one:
two servants Netware 5.0 SP6a and NDS 7.62c.
a servant Netware 5.1 SP8 and eDirectory 8.85c.
two servant Netware 6.5 SP7 and eDirectory 20216.51 (eDirectory SP8 8.8 SP2).
all in a called eDirectory tree Sigma.
all the synchronization process is in YES.
treatment of installing servant SLES Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1. but during the eDirectory installation it throws the error unable to bind to eDirectory through LDAP.

that you work I carried out to treat that the error didn't appear.

I erased the certificates of the Servant Netware 6.5 that LDAP acts as authenticator.
execute for this pkidiag and tckeygen to care certificates to Tomcat5.
I entered with iManager and Remote Manager everything he/she walks well.
I lowered the firewall momentarily for the installation of the OES in it schemes it with Sles.
all you scheme them they are in a building through Switch, he/she is not filtering eDirectory ports, neither of LDAP (NLDAP).

My objective is to consolidate the data of NW5.0 OES2 it has more than enough in platform SuSe 10SP1, in Modality Cluster Novell, and Volumes NSS.

The object servant, certificates and LDAP server and Group are created in the eDirectory.

can you ignore this error and to work with the other products (iManager,RM, Cluster Services, iPrint, volumes NCP)?

Does somebody have some suggestion to solve this installation problem?

In a test atmosphere (vmware 3.5), I built A servant NW5.0 sp6a nds 7.62c, a NW51 SP8 eDirectory 8.85c, a Netware 6.5 SP7 eDirectory 8.8 SP2. Regrettably it passed without problems.

Thank you for their time.