We're getting a generator, or some kind of solar powered house UPS. Our power just came back on after 1/2 hour short of 24 hours. It's tinder dry here in California, so all you have to do is look in anger at a dry spot and it burst into flames. So a fire broke out in a very remote area that just happened to have a major power tower in the middle of it, that got taken out, cutting electricity to half the county.

The only way they could fight the fire was by air, and it was headed our way. Without electricity the only means we had of knowing what was going on was to call the information line for the fire department, and they stopped posting updates at 7pm last night. Luckily we kept an old Bell Telephone Slimline phone for just such an emergency when the fancy new phones don't work.

We had a bit of a fitful night. All's well now, though. Fire is under control, if not entirely out. And we're getting some kind of power plant, so we don't have to worry about losing the contents of the refrigerator/freezer and the freezer next time.

On the plus side, we both enjoyed having many hours we could dedicate to catching up on reading, without feeling guilty that we weren't doing something else, because everything else required electricity! : )

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