I'm working for a school and need to update student/ teacher NW Volumes on the fly. I've always used VolRst32 which i obtained from novell's cool tools section. Below is the link:

File Information - Developer Community

ISSUE: I believe after updating to EDir 8.8 something happened where it no longer allows VolRst to run properly. Thus, i cannot set mass quotas in one shot.

I've updated to EDir 8.8
I've moved the replica master from the original server which I used to run VolRst32.exe

what i've tried:
Running VolRst32 right from SYS on EVERY nw box i have.
Running as several different users all with privledge of admin.
Running as ADMIN
Manually setting permissions on file itself.
Manually setting permissions on Volumes im trying to increase size of ..

All i want is to be able to select a whole group (or context, i don't care) of users and say set volume space restriction to ...whatever megs or gigs.
I don't care how much it costs.

Please help.. i've been digging for a solution for days. I apologise for posting this if someone already has. I honestly have looked for a similar post and again, have found nothing.