NetWare 6.5 SP6 with post patches, eDir, SLP v2.0
Novell Client 4.91 SP4 with two post patches (I know there's more, but
they came out after we already went through a client upgrade).

Novell Client is setup for STATIC DA via IP, and name resolution is set
for SLP and NDS only

For some reason ONLY our WAN link sites (which DO have local NetWare
servers there) have this issue (we've never seen it here in the main

Boot up the PC, go to login, get an 8884 "tree or server could not be
found", it will let them login to eDirectory, but they get none of their
drives mapped in the login script.

It's sporadic.

If we let the workstation "sit" there (at this point, Windows XP SP2 has
let you login to the AD Domain and you're at the desktop) for 5 minutes,
you can right-click and Login and it'll work just fine.

Spanning tree portfast is NOT the issue (verfied with our data people).

However, if we set the Preferred server in the Context section on the
Novell client, then it seems to always work.

I'd opened an SR with Novell and they told me that field is no longer
used, it shouldn't be doing anything.

We cleared out that field (people would move around and thus end up
logging in across the WAN the link), and instead just use the Default
Server attribute in Edir instead.