I have my first SAN to "work" with and need to make sure I'm understanding
how this will work.

I have three XEN servers connected to the SAN. I plan to use the
first one to run several virtual desktops (accessed through VPN) for

The second XEN server will house a VM for ZCM and a VM to run a Syncsort
master server.

The third XEN server is where I'm having my main questions. The VM's will
be OES 2 Linux file servers needing access to NSS volumes. These servers
will house secondary files that do not need massive throughput.

After thinking it through I'm thining I should present this server with a
LUN for the servers, then present seperate LUNs to the VM's formated for
NSS volumes. Is this the best way to do this? Does anyone have
suggestions or a better way?