I have recently installed XP SP3 on 3 machines for testing and have come
across a problem that I think is related to the service pack. I would like
to fix the problem or at least know what is actually happening rather than
removed the SP

When logging into our network 2 of the 3 PCs with XP sp3 do not map our
drives from the login script. Instead the results window shows drives being
mapped to various folders on the C drive and at the bottom of the results
window is the following error:

LOGIN:LGNWT32.DLL-923: An unexpected error has occured: 15 (8819).

This error only happens on 2 of the 3 XP sp3 machines. Once the desktop
loads, we can right click on the red 'N' and login and the drives will map

The server we're logging into in NW 6.5 sp5.

Any help would be great.....I've tried disabled the Windows firewall,
updated NIC drivers, etc