I'm installing oes2-servers with autoyast. But at the moment I have to put the admin-password in cleartext to the xml-file.

Has anyone a solution that I would be asked for the password?

I tried the following, but nothing worked (the installation hangs at 21% of eDirectory-Configuration):

1. an empty <admin_password>-tag

2. without <admin_password> tag

3. within an ask section (neither stage >initial< nor >cont< worked:
<ask-list config:type="list">
<title>PASSWORD FOR .admin</title>
<question>Enter admin password</question>
<help>Enter the password for the eDirectory Admin.</help>
<password config:type="boolean">true</password>

It would be nice, if I can type the password at the beginning of the installation, but how can autoyast write it to disk and transfer it after the reboot at the right time to eDirectory?

But it also will help if anyone has a solution to pause the installation at the point of eDirectory-Configuration to type the password there.