Hey all,

ZCM 10.0.3 in the environment. When attempting to re-image a machine, properly registered, etc, sometimes it fails to find the assigned imaging bundle.

Steps used:

1) Ensure scripted image bundle is assigned and effective on target workstation

2) From workstation tasks, select "Apply Assigned Imaging Bundle"

3) Remotely reboot workstation with workstation task


We see one of two cases:

Case 1: Machine reboots, PXE boots, Finds work to do, boots into linux from PXE/TFTP and images properly

Case 2: Machine reboots, PXE boots, finds no work to do, continues to OS boot as per normal.

It is inconsistent. A machine that will find work to do on one attempt will not find work to do on another attempt. Yes, the "Apply assigned imaging bundle" task is clicked prior to each attempt. It feels like either the policy engine isn't updating the appropriate flag for the workstation to see it all the time, or the mini-kernal that checks for work to do fails to see the work on some attempts.

Interestingly, if one increments the version of the scripted imaging bundle, it appears to work every time, but, obviously, this is an undesirable workaround.