I have a perplexing problem

I have a desktop with XP Pro SP2, Novell Netware Client 4.91 to provide network conectivity and ZEN Desktop 7 to create user profiles on the PC.

Under this configuration the first time that a user logs onto the PC Netware authenticates their user name with our Novell server and maps their drives. While ZEN creates a new desktop/user profile in C:\documents and settings based on the XP default user profile at C:\focuments and settings\default user. Each subsiquent time the user logs on to the PC ZEN recognizes that they have been there before and directs them to the profile that it created for them earlier on. This profile is stored at C:\documents and settings\(inster user name here). It is more or less a standard Windows XP Pro user profile.

The machine's primary user has been logging on to the PC for a couple of year without any real changes being made to their system or to their user setup. 99% of the time everything is perfect but

very occasionally they log in and all of their desktop icons and favorites are missing. What has happened is that rather than simply loading up the user's existing settings from C:\documents and Settings\(insert user name here), XP has loaded the user into a fresh new profile at c:\documents and settings\temp.

If you go to the system properties and select Advanced, and then Users, you can see the user's profile twice. The first time as a normal user, and a second time with their status set to temp.

Rebooting the PC seems to resolve this and they can log in and user their original profile as normal. Though it happens again a month or so later on.

I've not experience this problem before or with any other users/on any other PCs. Does anybody have any ideas?