I am in the process of installing my first SUSE OES SP1 on a Dell 1950. It is a branch workgroup file server for about thirty users being installed into corporate network. I have six OES 1 servers running Netware 6.5 sp7 and four running 5.1 sp8. I am going to be installing iPrint, iFolder, DNS and DHCP services. As a long time Netware CNE and being somewhat experienced with Linux I thought I figure it out. I am just having a problem deciding the best installation choices.
Example-best way to partition drives?

I am using a PERC 6/i controller with two 256 GB drives. I am going to do a RAID 1 with the drives. How many Virtual Disks should I set up or should I just set up partitions on the one disk? From what I am reading I should use a least two partitions one for the root file system and one for the NSS Volumes.

How big should root partition be?
What are the base Linux software packages that need be installed to run the OES2 Server?
Is there a best practice guide around that I could refer to for the install process?

Thanks for any help you can give me.