Be thankful for those of you who do not have to deal with them....

I have a slight issue with fireants in my house as of late, I was wondering
what pest control people or methods people in this community use? The odd
thing is the little buggers mostly seem to like the closets around the
house, no food is kept in there, just clean clothing/blankets/towels/etc.
The house is kept clean, no crumbs or foodstuffs left out for them to want
to come in to munch on. The lawn is upkept as well and there are at this
time no massive mounds outside near the house. As far as pets go we have 2
chinchillas and we keep their area pretty tidy. Ive done the sprinkle
granules of death around the house, nail the visible mounds with the same
stuff, DE (Diatomaceous earth) around the place, caulked up every nook &
cranny I can find in the is getting tiresome dealing with the

Yeah, "move" is not an option, sorry for taking that off the table already.
I already thought about a small tactical nuke, but while that would rid my
house of ants, that would rid me of my house, not to mention my neighbors
might be none-too-happy as well.