Netware 6.5 SP6 - Troubleshooting issues related to SSL and certificates, the area of iManager and using eDirectory Maintenance tools like ICE Wizard.

I focus on iManager -> eDirectoy Maintenance -> Import Convert Export Wizard. I folled steps to validae the root certificate, then Export and replace it on the volume with the exported cert. Then:

load pkidiag (do a repair, option 4)


load nldap



This has always worked in the past when resetting because I connect get the iManager web interface up. However, following the effort to resolve the apparent SSL problem by replacing the cert; when I get to the ap2webdn (shutting down the apace web server service) the exit hangs. The process screen for apache indicates:

Shutdown pending. Waiting for 5 thread(s) to terminate....

The two CPU's activity goes to the high 90's and stays there.

This happens each time I try this reset sequence now. Sometimes it is three threads, other times 5. This will not clear until I restart the server. This is a production server, so I have to wait till early morning to restart.

Opening the Emergency console, I unload Tomcat, then Java, to no effect. I am still waiting for Apache to exit, pending five threads.

What else can I do?