I'm having an issue with remote controlling workstations. The error the remote viewer throws is "Unable to connect to server".

I can remote control some boxes but not others. The remote management policy is effective on the machines I cannot control. I see nothing in the ZCC to indicate why I can't control them. In some cases, I can control some machines in a lab but not others. Same subnet, etc.

Sniffer traces show that my workstation never tries to contact the workstation directly, I never see any packets destined for it's IP address. The device properties show the correct address of that workstation and the workstation responds properly to other remote commands, reboot, etc.

All the machines are imaged identically, so I don't believe it is a firewall issue. Since they are all in the same workstation folder and show the same effective policy, I do not think it is a rights or policy problem.

I'm stumped.