Hi all,

Recently we have been receiving new machines with the Intel 82566 Gigabit controller onboard. It seems that when I load up the bootcd.iso there is not eth0 device loaded. The boards are DQ35JO model.

"ethtool eth0": No such device
"ifconfig eth0": Device not found

I thought that maybe this had something to do with the drivers not being available, but it seems it cannot see the device to load the drivers to load to. I did download the latest driver from Intel and compile it into the initrd which seemed to work fine. I added the line to the linux.config to load the module and when I "lsmod" I can see the e1000 module loaded. I even tried to load the module manually, which again worked according to "lsmod", but still no eth0 to bind the driver to.

I don't believe this is a driver issue, but rather a device issue.

Any advice??