I've got a new server at NW 6.5 SP7, which we just use for ZEN imaging purposes. Standard backup software's a waste of time and money for this, I've just knocked together a bash script to copy the images from the main data volume to a USB 2 external HDD. Trouble is, this is taking forever. I've heard that USB performance isn't brilliant on NW, but it can't be as bad as 12 hours + for 80 GB?

The drivers that have been loaded for USB are UHCIDRV.CAD and EHCIDRV.CAD, and I'm unable to unload either (due to them being used by a number of other modules).

Question is, am I doing something wrong, or is USB just a non-starter for any size backups with Netware, and I'm better off buying an external eSATA drive?

Any help greatly appreciated.