I am new to ZCM, wanted to save time and $$ by throwing this on an existing server which in curently running windows updated services or WSUS. As a side note The ports 80 and 443 where already being used by WSUS during install of ZCM so I chose 79 and 442 not sure if this is significant or not. Also DHCP services is running on our NetWare 6.5 box.

Any way everything installed fine, no errors. I configured the preboot services, started all the required services for that, and made sure they were all set to start automatically. Then restarted the server just to make sure everything would be talking correctly. then tried to pxeboot a just to make sure it was working but no luck. I get an IP and it sees my boot server as my ZCM box which is correct, but then TFTP times out.

I did all these same steps on a windows 2003 not running anything else and was able to pxeboot right off the bat, didn't ahve to modify my DHCP server settings or make any configuration changes to the ZCM server settings other than start the services.

I feel like I am rambling on, I hope I have spit out enough information for someone to undertand and maybe lend a hand.

Thanks a lot.