Hey Guys,

How are we, just a couple of questions in regards to zenworks imaging, we are running on a full windows AD network...

Boot on LAN will not work: I havenít looked very hard into this but it keeps talking about PCI and which IP address I would like to wake up the machine on. Is there a service on the server I need to start first?

Image schedule: Is it possible to image set up a rule that will image a machine on boot if it is before a certain time?

Imaging PC not on the domain: Whatís the best way to add brand new PC to the domain imaging them with an image? Boot disk to a multicast session?

PXE password protect???

PC configuration equivalent? In Ghost you have machines listed by domain name but organised by MAC address. Then you have image objects then you have configurations on how the machine should be set up with the image and task files that tell it how to do it. As far as I can see Zenworks has all of these except configuration files, what tells the computer what computer name it should have and where to put it in active directory? Just an example if I had a whole room of computers and I wanted to relocate them to other room and change the names of all of them is that done through the imaging process or through a script?

IP MAC or domain name: Does Zenworks keep a track of its clients by their MAC address or their Domain name?

Database management: I came into a problem where I canít register a device because it had already been registered under a different name. So I looked around and found that the only way to get it to register is to remove the old entry from the database. Which sounds easy except that its huge and they didnít give me any more info other than that. Is there a guide to database management?

EXE to MSI converter: One thing I quickly noticed is that Zenworks cant deploy EXE files but it can do MSI files. Is there a Good snapshot/MSI converter program you would suggest for Zenworks?

Thanks in advance!