We are (just as many people) struggling with updating an OES2 Linux server through ZfL 7.2.2

Registration to the channels on the ZfL server are ok, the patches, catalogs etc are all there.
OES2 is successfully registered, the catalogs are assigned.

We can see the catalogs on the oes2 servers, we can see the updates, but when we actually say rug up.

It is telling me that there are no updates available, although he can see all SLES10 and OES2 Updates.

Can somebody tell me what we do wrong?

Thanks in advance

lbrbpapbkp01:~ # rug sl

# | Status | Type | Name | URI
1 | Active | ZENworks | ZENworks Linux Management |

lbrbpapbkp01:~ # rug ca

Sub'd? | Name | Service
Yes | Mandatory Bundles |
Yes | SLES10-SP1-Distro-Catalog | ZENworks Linux Management
Yes | SLES10-SP1-Updates | ZENworks Linux Management
Yes | OES2-Updates | ZENworks Linux Management

lbrbpapbkp01:~ # rug bl #shows we for all channels the patches and updates

lbrbpapbkp01:~ # rug refresh

Refreshing Services...

Successfully refreshed.
lbrbpapbkp01:~ # rug lu
No updates are available.
lbrbpapbkp01:~ #