I am trying to install another new server (I gave up on the first one and am trying to figure out about a different OS for it). Anyhow, I get to the SOFTWARE SELECTION AND SYSTEM TASKS, make my selections and click ACCEPT and it says:

WARNING: Dependency Conflict
pattern:directory_server-10-51.35.x86_64[SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1] cannot be installed due to missing dependencies.
There are no installable providers of openldap2 for pattern:directory_server-10-51.35.x86_64[SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1].
Conflict resolution:
unlock openldap2
unlock all resolvables
do not install directory_server
ignore this requirement just here

I am trying to replace my third netware 6 sp5 server (the first two have failed miserably with no real hope of success here, but I have to try) with SUSE10sp1, oes2.

The packages I have are:
Base Technologies -
Server Base System
Novell AppArmor
32bit Runtime environment

OES Services
Novell Backup/ Storage Management
Novell eDirectory
Novell FTP
Novell iFolder
Novell iManager
Novell iPrint
Novell Linux User Management
Novell NCP Storage
Novell NetStorage
Novell Remote Manager
Novell Samba
Novell Storage Sevices

Graphical Services:
GNOME Desktop
X Windows System

Primary Functions:
Fiel Server
Print Server
Directory Server (LDAP)

I had two errors initially that said there was a conflict on both caused by LDAP vs openldap and I checked forums and other manuals and they said openldap2 was not necessary since ldpa is already present. So I selected to not install openldap for both issues and then I came back with the one error that is seen here. I absolutely must have this as a directory server, or I once again have failed.

Thanks for any advice,
David Ralph