As I see from another thread the problem with "Tree not found" until second try, is not resloved.

When managing to log in and starting the application, which in this case is a 16-bit application, the sysem dies when accessing a file on the local disc (C:\).

The application does the following:
1. reads data from the server (NW 6.5)
2. stores the data on C:\ in a temporary file
3. when relevant data read this data should be displayed in a standard grid.
4. in some cases, as far as I can see there is no pattern, the system dies and make a restart.

The temporary file is cleared before usage and the system is the reporting back that "Data record could not be read", which is true as the file is empty. This does not happen in XP.

After the restart I can see that there is a mini-dump but it is not accessible (the administrator does not have sufficient rights for this operation).

The problem is the dump and restart. This works perfectly under XP. The reason for using Vista is of course the limited supply of XP-based computers.

All ideas for resolving this problem will be appreciated. All suggestions will be tested.

NetWare 6.5 service pack 2 (I think)
HP dc5750 with 2Gb internal memory and Windows Vista (one computer) with NW client 1.0 update 5 (for Vista)
HP dc5700 with Windows XP, service pack 2 and latest NW Client (without problems))

Leif Arvidsson