We run the latest version of Netware (OES) and all Windows XP Pro Workstations. I need to know how to in a DOS or WINDOWS environment determine what "usergroup" a user is in:

For example:

Student group would be a Student User
Staff group would be General Staff
Office group would be Office Staff

We need to do this outside of a Novell Logon script. Preferable we would like to call a batch file which works out which group the user is in (like using the SET command in DOS), either Student, Teacher, Office, etc, and then run another batch script file depending on the users group membership.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

As I have said, we do not want to do this through the Novell Logon Script Stage, but rather as outlined above, mainly because we wish to test and progressivly role this out to all users, from a batch file, etc.