In the past month, random users on our network (NW6.5 SP6) have gotten the error “unable to find the server or tree” after a workstation re-start. Most of the users have the Novell client 4.9 – no support pack. There have been no recent updates to the server. We suspected the switches (Cisco 2960), at first, thinking that portfast was not working properly, but the workstations receive an IP address from the DHCP server, and workstations with PXE enabled find the imaging server without problem.

Before today, we would tell the user to re-boot the workstation and wait at the Novell login screen for 60 seconds, and they could login. Starting today, I’ve had to unplug the data cable from the wall, essentially disconnecting the PC from the switch, and plug it back in before the user could login.

We might suspect the cable to the server, or the server NIC, but users on different subnets and servers have had the problem. As I said, the problem has been random – one or two users every day or so have gotten the error.

Any thoughts on what we might look at to figure out this problem.