Over the past several months I've had users complain that they cannot scroll through messages in thier Mailbox or Sent Items folder when in GroupWise. It is slow or sometimes they get a D11A error. It looks like there is a BAD blank message in the mailbox. I can do SEARCHES in thier mailboxes successfully and this does not slow down the client; BUT, what this does is it allows me to narrow down the BAD item and the exact date. I'm then able to archive all the mail items before the BAD one and then run a GWCheck to EXPIRE items 'older than' ... starting on the bad date. This works OK, BUT, I'm getting 1 or 2 users a week ... a pain in the butt to fix!

I'VE ALSO NOTICED ... that when I run a GWCheck job on thier mailboxes, I get an 'Error 83' ... Item Failed to Archive ... with a 'D11A' ... same as above. I've tried all the GWCheck MISC switches possible and cannot get rid of this 'Error 83'.

Anyone know of any other means of getting rid of this error and problem for the user? I could archive everything and delete the mailbox ... what a pain that'd be!!!