I have searched many posts with similar issues, but have not found an answer in any as of yet. I have a DLU to set users to administrator (for the time being) and it is not working on all my users. Sorry if I did miss a post with a resolution to a similar situation.

Here is my environment:

ZCM Server - 1 Primary running on SLES 10 SP2 / ZCM 10.0.3
User source is LDAP setup from our NW 6.5 network

Workstations are XP SP2 Zen agent

All NW servers are in their own OU and I currently have the same folder structure in ZCM for the users. The way it was created when I setup the user source. The DLU works for users that are in the folder that correlates to our Primary NW server in our eDirectory tree, but not users in any other folder. For the ones that fail it brings the ZCM login up and if I use the edirectory credentials I get the following error:

"Unable to log into the network because the login credentials or the server certificate is incorrect"

The am seeing a few errors in the logs on a workstation, but do not know enough to be able to figure it out.

Here are a few examples:

From zmd-messages

[DEBUG] [7/14/2008 2:02:39 PM] [] [ZMD] [] [Call to UserDaemonRegistration.GetUserDaemonObject returned null] [] []
[DEBUG] [7/14/2008 2:02:39 PM] [] [Requirement User Module] [] [Failed to evaluate sys req in user space, most likely because we could not contact the user daemon. Will wait and try again (attempt 46 of 120)] [] []
[DEBUG] [7/14/2008 2:02:39 PM] [] [MessageLogger] [] [Settings passed to logger:<ZENSettings Version="1.0"><SettingConfiguration Name="LocalLog" Enabled="True" Revision="0"><Parameter Name="RollingType" Type="String" Value="Size" /><Parameter Name="BackupFiles" Type="Integer" Value="1" /><Parameter Name="FileSize" Type="Integer" Value="10" /><Parameter Name="FileSizeUnit" Type="String" Value="MB" /><Parameter Name="Severity" Type="Integer" Value="8" /></SettingConfiguration></ZENSettings>] [] []

The DLU settings are:

Enable the enforcement of this policy

After enforcement, force a re-login on the managed device, if necessary.

Use user source credentials (Volatile NOT checked)

Manage existing user account (if any)


and that is all.

If there is anything else I can post up that I have either forgotten or not sure what is needed please let me know and I will post it. Thank you for any assistance.