For the last 3 months, we have been seeing machines randomly get the BSOD and reboot. These machines will get memory dumps that I have opened up and to my untrained eyes point to either NWFS.sys or AVP (Kaspersky Antivirus).

The BSOD shows:
***Stop: 0x0000050 (0xE6540000, 0x00000000, 0x80506F9D, 0x00000001)

And upon opening the minidump, it shows:

could not read faulting driver name
Probably caused by : nwfs.sys

It then shows a little later
Could not read faulting driver name

Process_Name: AVP.exe

I'm not sure exactly how to read this, but I am uploading the Full dumps to Kaspersky now and I can just guess that they will say its a Novell issue and Novell will say it's a KAV issue. Anyone have an idea on this? I have tried multiple versions of the NWFS.sys file with no luck. We are using 4.91 SP4