I wish to move an organizational unit OU from one Organization O to another. This OU does contain lots of objects as users, server, etc and it does contain a GW 6.0 Domain and PO with users of course.

I understand partitioning the soon to be moved OU, creating alias, and moving it to new O but I do have questions:

1. Partitioning the OU as child partition of its original O, then moving is
straightforward but how does this affect GW Domain, PO, Users? Are
there potential problems?

2. The Tree itself is partitioned at the Tree level and the O which contains
the OU to be moved also had been partitioned at the O level beneath the
Tree partition.
3. If any what should I be doing my homework on before making this move
as to changing the Master to read/write on the moved OU after or before
the move?
4. Also move of License Container, Subnet, Subnet Pool, Server License?

Here is simple sample below:

Tree (Partitioned)

O=contains OU to be moved (Also Partitioned)

Objects herein contained as License Pool, Subnet Pool, Subnet, and

OU=to be moved --- Secondary Domain, PO, Users and other
SERVER with Master Replica of the partition

O=receiver of the OU to be moved

OU (existing) Contains Primary Domain, PO, users and other objects:
SERVER with Master Replica of Tree partition
OU (existing)

I would appreciate any information that anyone may supply to make the move cleaner and complete. Thanks in advance.