I am receiving a ZenWorks Remote Management error when trying to launch remote control from a PC support user workstation. I have the client installed. When I try to connect I get the prompt for ssl certificate. Then I select ok and get the following error: This mode of authentication is not allowed in the Remote Management Policy.
I have the user setup as an administrator on the ZCM with remote management to users and devices setup. I checked to make sure that Allow connection when Remote Management Console does not have a SSL certificate is selected. I do not have a default password for Zenworks or VNC selected. Not sure If I need both or one of those. I selected the user from the AD Tree. Shouldnt it let the user with permission for remote control actually remote control a device?
I am using ZCM
Any help would be great.
I want helpdesk and pc support users to be able to remote computers without having to login to the ZCM server.