I have a problem running iFolder 2.1.x on Vista. I know you guys will say its not supported but it has been working fine for over a year.

I had over 30GB of data syncing up to a Netware 6.5 SP6 server from my work laptop (XP), OpenSuse 11 Laptop, and Vista 32bit desktop.

On my Vista Desktop all my data is kept on a seperate physical drive from my Vista OS called DATA:

The I replaced the DATA: harddrive - simple process.
Plug new drive in
Format to NTFS
Kick off iFolder login
Starts synching - synch complete - no files!

Only the directories appear. Now bear in mind nothing has changed except an new hard disk, however the old DATA: harddisk was not an original Vista one.
My system used to be XP so when I wanted to 'downgrade' to Vista I just swapped the system drive and built a fresh install, I installed ifolder 2.1.7 with no special settings - it went straight on and started working and for the last year has been synching files every day.

I think it is something to do with the way Vista formats as NTFS because the old XP NTFS formatted drive worked fine.

I have tried the following.
re-install iFolder
upgrade iFolder to 2.1.8
re-format the drive
checked all rights - I have all rights to the whole drive.

Any clues? The answer that iFolder 2.1.x does not work is not the right answer. It does work.

Unless anyone can think of a better suggestion my next step is to format the drive on an XP machine and then plug it back into my Vista machine to see if that works (clunky way to do it but it might be the only way).

Any suggestions welcome :)

Kind regards