old threads are here about this, including one from me,

New site, new case;
2 existing servers with their own internal Raid-storage.
Now, added external storage to mirror the internal for safety.

NO cluster or shared media, result ?,

Nssmu and iManage AND bootup all states;
all partitions in sync/mirror ok,etc,,etc,,

mirror status states = not active on this node.

NW6.5/sp7, 2 different server HW, different Raids,etc,,

But,, I did find something that might mean something
( in other words = i dont know...)

On one of the servers, 1 partition IS actually coming up when running
mirror status and states OK/100% while the rest on this server and the
other isn't "active on this node"

Difference between the one that can be seen through "mirror status"
and the mirror sets that "isn't active on this node" that I can find;

-Working mirror status = description "mirrored group"
in iManager

-Not active on this node = description "mirrored partition"
in iManager.

All mirrors have been created exactly the same way,
nssmu, existing partition / F3 to mirror it, and that's it.
It's NOT me that added description group/partition" that can be seen
in iManager.