Dell PE1950 SAS drives(All up to date firmware from Dell)

Under Power Management (Monitor), I always set the setting "Server Power Down Options" to "Off", which should allow me to bring the server to a DOS prompt when providing the "DOWN" command.

When giving the "DOWN" command, the server unloads, but is going to a blank/black screen and not the DOS prompt that I expect. The server seems to still be on and remains in that state. RESTART/RESET command result the same. Only way to bring server back up is to manually power off and back on from that point. Also tried CTLR+ALT+DEL, but the box does not respond to that either. Mouse/Keyboard are directly attached.

I have read some posts/TIDs with regards to LSI and ACPI issues on 1950, but none are directly related. ACPI modules are from sp7 and have not found any updates from Novell/Dell. BIOS settings provide no help.

This issue restricts my ability to remote manage the server console. Only way that I have found is to use the RDBHOST to get the server to a DEBUG Screen and restart the server from there when is due necessary. But I do not want to have resort to that.

Any thoughts?