I was just wondering if this is expected behavior from the Novell
Client. I am setting up a new environment using OES2 Linux and ZCM,
migrating from Netware 6.5 OES with a new tree. SLP is set up and DHCP
works well.

The issue is this, I am using ZCM to distribute a GP to the workstation
using Shaun's ADM file. In the GP I have configured a Preferred Tree and
LDAP Contextless Login settings. When a workstation is first set up, the
client takes the settings right away. However, you cannot login using
LDAP because the client does not try to use the LDAP.. the username is
entered (no lookup) then password, then "Tree or Server Not found".

Looking at advanced tab, all the fields are blank. I can browse and
select the appropriate tree.. and as SOOM as I do (and the Tree is now
in the Tree box), LDAP contextless login works fine! After logging in,
the client retains the Tree setting and subsequent logins work OK.

But if you clear the tree entry, the client does not try to do the LDAP

Is this behavior as designed?