Thought someone may have already ran into this problem and might have the solution.

Dell Poweredge 2950 server with RAID 5. Drives are as follows:

GY581 HD,73G,SAS,DU,15K,3.5,SGT,15K5

Get the message that no hard disks are found during installation.

The Dell management installation wizard does not include the specific version of OES 1 SP2 Linux to be installed and also denies insertion of suse linux cds except for the 2 versions specifically listed in wizard. Actually I've never had luck with wizard before, but who knows maybe.

I saw a TID on another Dell server where parameters have to be entered at installation.
Does anyone know if this issue is the same as my issue. What parameters would I need to enter?

And also what is TID or TID with instructions on how to enter this parameters during installaion.