I am looking to roll out a new client to 1000 workstations in 3 sites that
currently have 4.91 sp1 to 4.91 sp4 with hotfixes incorprated. I want to
make sure the client is configured with all the best practices incorpated to
avoid problems with default config. Would you mind sharing your best
practices for configuring the Novell Client? Below is my current one, please
let me know what I should add or remove. Thank you so much.

Client Config

Set the Preferred Tree
Advanced Login:
a. Turn off NMAS Auth = Off (Do not use NMAS)
c. Default Policy support = Off

Advanced Settings:
File Caching = Off
Bad Address Cache = 0
Bad Server Name Cache Enabled = Off
Bad Server Name Cache Timeout = 0

Protocol Prefernces:
Preferred Network Protocol = IP
NDS = on
SLP = on

DHCP Server Config:

I was thinking of using Option 85, 86 and 78.

Thank you very much for your asstiance. I value it and I am deeply thankful.