I have great problems logging in to NetWare 5.1 SP8 servers.

The servers are NW 5.1 SP8 single servers (at my customers and my home office) out of the box.

When I'm trying to log in from a workstation (XP SP2, SP3, W2000 server, sometimes freshly installed out of the box) using NWClient 4.91 SP4 (German version, with or without the after SP4 patches) it responds with "tree or server not found". It takes about 2 minutes and several tries to get logged in. Sometimes it even sees the server (if you click on Advanced - Servers), but responds with "not found" all the same.

I tried the client with IPX only, IP only, and both, without NICI or NMAS - no joy. With IP only it doesn't find a server regardless of time (and yes, IP IS installed on the servers). All connections that are eventually successful are IPX.

I never had (or have) this problem with NWClient 4.83 SP2 (I skipped all versions in between).

Customers are not amused. Please help!!

Thanks in advance