I'm working on ZCM and going though all the products features, trying them out and working on migrating over before the school year starts. After succussully reimaging one machine, I wanted to try multicasting an entire lab. Most went smoothly until after the reimaging completed and Windows started to boot up for the first time after the image. I receive an error on the Windows machine that it can not find the hal.dll file. On the error message from ZCM, there is a decompression error. Here is my environment:

- ZCM 10.0.3 - new install on a physical box running latest version of Windows 2003 Server Enterprise will all service packs and patches

- HP Switch envrionment with Spanning Tree and Multicast Filtering on

- Dell OptiPlex GX280

Before moving over to ZCM, I was using ZenWorks for Desktops 7 with latest SP. I had no problems reimaging single or multicasting. I did find another thread regarding this issue, but there were no resolutions. Anyone have any ideas?