We are running Adobe Contribute CS3 that requires a samba or ftp client. The we they are accessing is a NSS share on an OES linux server. If I point to a Novell Client for Windows mapped drive, the program errors out. Even though there is a drive letter in Windows Explorer, Contribute knows it is not a CIFS share. If I Export the NSS share as a SAMBA share, windows will still connect using the Novell Client and contribute will error out. Is there a way to map a drive to a samba share with the same server IP address as an NCP Server? Can I format a UNC path in a way that windows looks for a windows server rather than a NCP Server.
My other alternative is to export the NSS share ftp. I would then have to create LUM enabled users and maintain seperate permissions for the share. Netware FTP was nice because the folder permission were taken from NCP.