I want to ask some questions about OES2 Linux. Im quit experiencede on Netware and we have used NW for over 10years. Now we run NW6.5 SP7.
I've started to look at OES2 Linux and have installed it for IDM and eDir Production directory. This seem very easy to set up and manage. I feel iManager is faster on OES2 Linux than on Netware and this i a good sign.

But now im consider to convert from NW to OES2 Linux. This because i like eDir, NSS, iPrint, Filesharing, Zenworks etc The normal Netware services.

So first:
- Is there any different i iPrint between NW and Linux? Do it look the same and work the same on both platform?
- For filesharing is it the same on Linux as on NW? Is there an ide to use NSS for filesharing/homedirectorys or is it better to use Linux filesysten lik ext3 or Riser?
- How do Novell Client work with filesys on Linux?
- SLP and OpenSLP are not the same, what do i use on Linux?
- What DHCP and DNS services do i have to use? Linux or NW?

To have an easy way to beckup eDir, is it an ide to run NW in Xen and just take backup of this? Or is it better to take backup directly on Linux? What backup-tool on Linux can i use?

Ok! Anyone that care to answer these questions? If i manage to set up OES2 Linux to work good, maybe i manage to prevent any Windows Server to enter the building.