Good morning everyone!

We have a two node, NW 6.5 sp7 cluster in our tree that was recently
migrated to a new SAN. This involved using SCMT to copy data and
trustees to the new storage, deleting the old cluster resource, pool,
and volume objects, then re-creating the cluster resources using the new
volumes. We also have a separate server that we use as a dedicated NW
6.5 SFTP server for the entire tree. Before the migration users were
able to access all of the clustered resources via the SFTP server with
no problems. Since the migration all of the local (non clustered)
volumes on both servers are accessible however only two of the nine
clustered volumes work. One of the working volumes is in it's own pool,
the other shares a pool with another volume that doesn't work (this
struck me as surprising).

On the client the received error message is: "Connection to servername
closed by remote host."

The sshd.log on the SFTP server contains this message: "29 Jul -
08:50:39[0012367925] (8acf7140)SFTP-SVR.NLM's <2390> error:
authorize_sftp(tm77) Failed to create path context to SERVERNAME/PATH:/
rc: 115, errno 7, h_errno: 997, clienterrno: -669

I've found some older TID's with similar (not exact) errors that refer
to libc patches and mixed case cluster resources. Neither seem to apply
here. The SSH version on the server is 3.71.05 dated 7/24 so I don't
think that needs updating either.

Any ideas would be much appreciated, we've got a few users who are
really in a hurry to get the working again.